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Wealth for Purpose

Want to create Wealth & use it for Purpose?

Imagine your community like a campfire under the Kimberley sky. Our ancestors started the fire with the knowledge and resources they had. Now, think of wealth creation as adding more wood to that fire.

As we gather wood, we’re nurturing the fire, making it brighter and warmer. Just like how our ancestors shared their wisdom and stories around the campfire, wealth creation lets us share more. With the extra warmth and light, we can take care of our families, teach our children, and help those who need it.

When we gather enough wood, the fire grows strong and steady. This is like wealth creation giving us stability. We can build stronger shelters, find better food, and make sure our loved ones are safe and cared for. Just as we watch over the fire to keep it burning, we watch over our wealth to make it grow. Remember, the fire doesn’t just benefit us, but everyone around us. Wealth creation, in the same way, isn’t just about us – it’s about our community. With a strong fire of wealth, we can support our elders, empower our youth, and keep our traditions alive.

So, just as we tend to the campfire by adding wood, let’s nurture wealth creation. It’s like adding resources and opportunities to our community, making our flame burn bright for generations to come.

We believe that women invest their money in ways that benefit our families, so we choose to invest in women and make these resources FREELY available.

Wealth for Purpose is a strengths-based initiative that was developed and delivered in the Kimberley region to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women increase their financial knowledge and well-being.

Funded by Indigenous Business Australia, Kimberley Jiyigas created a series of user-friendly resources targeting Indigenous women to deepen their understanding about finances and help create wealth that can be used to drive transformational change in our communities.

E-Course Sessions

Introduction to Wealth Creation

Managing my Money

Tax Matters

Home Ownership

Superannuation and Wills/Estate Planning

Risk/Insurances Matters